Photo of Fox Valley Humane Society
    Fox Valley Humane Society

    (FVHA) has been serving the animals in the Fox River Valley community since 1891 and remains an area leader in animal care, welfare, and education. FVHA is a full-service, state-of-the-art animal shelter and resource center, serving thousands of people and their pets each year. The shelter features a top-of-the-line ventilation system to curtail the spread of disease, an education room to provide valuable animal training and educational programs, a surgical suite, space for approximately 75 dogs and 150 cats, a room for the smaller “exotic” animals, private “get-acquainted rooms” for people meeting potential pets, and so much more. We love our animals more than words can express and have multiple programs in place to meet each animal’s needs during his or her time at the shelter.  FVHA’s programs include foster programs, Rover Done Over, Rebound, and others.