Iron Workers Local Union #8

    What we do…

    Structural Iron Worker:  
    Erects structural steel bridges, building viaducts, dams, docks, dredges, offshore drilling rigs, vessels, locks, gates, aqua ducts, reservoirs, spillways, flumes, cassions, dam gates, cofferdams, subways, tunnels, cableways, tramways, Gantry, Whirley, Hammerhead & other cranes, blast furnaces, stoves, kilns, ovens, spray booths, driers, roof decking, and application of sheeting to Structural Steel Frames; they also erect all pre-stressed and post-stressed concrete members relating to the above type construction.

    Ornamental Iron Worker:
    Install metal stairways, catwalks, floor gratings, iron ladders, metal window sash and doors, ornamental grilles and screens, metal cabinets and safety deposit boxes.  They also install lampposts, gates and fences and decorative iron-work on balconies.  In addition to iron and steel, Ornamental Iron Workers work with aluminum, brass, bronze and other metals and plastics used in the building industry.

    Reinforcing Iron Worker:
    Set bars in concrete forms to reinforce concrete structures.  They place the steel bars on suitable supports in the concrete form and tie the bars together at intersections so that each bar receives its intended structural load.

    Machinery Mover & Rigger Iron Worker:
    With their knowledge of all types o flight and heavy rigging, are engaged in the unloading, moving and erection of all machinery on construction jobs, repair work and wherever machinery is moved in and out of plants or buildings.  Types of rigging used are derricks, cranes, gin poles, along with rollers, jacks, cribbing and other equipment.