Photo of Luvata Appleton, LLC
    Luvata Appleton, LLC

    Luvata Appleton LLC is a Wisconsin based company with three locations in the Fox River Valley. We manufacture products for the copper alloy wire industry and have many customers including ones in the battery, ammunition, solar panel, and electronic markets, among others. Luvata Appleton seeks qualified production employees to become part of our team.

    Luvata Appleton’s History:

    1964 – Opened as Valleycast near Downtown Appleton. – 16 Production Employees.
    1968 – Company merges into Albany International Corporation, name change to Valleycast.
    1980 – Company became ‘Cast Wire Division’ of Albany International. – 50% expansion during the recession.
    1985 – Acquired by Outokumpu Copper.
    1990 – Expanded to a second plant built in Kimberly.
    2006 – Acquired by Luvata.
    2010 – Expanded to a third plant in Kimberly.
    2017 – Acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (Founded 1871). – 100 Production Employees