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    North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters Training Fund


    Our training turns out men and women who have more than a job. They have a professional career in every sense of the word. They become part of the best trained, most reliable, most productive workforce in the construction industry.

    An apprenticeship typically lasts four years… about as long as it takes to complete a college degree. Apprentices are usually in the training center four weeks each year, one week per quarter depending on the program and location. When you’re done, you’ll be earning more money than many college graduates (with no student loans to pay off).

    To meet our training standards, apprentices work as many as 7,000 hours on the job, side-by-side with skilled industry veterans. Instructors reinforce this on-the-job experience with between 144 and 520 hours of classroom and hands-on lessons at our training centers.

    Apprentices start at 50-70 percent of the hourly wage that journey-level workers earn. (Your starting wage depends on where you live and the trade you select.) Apprentices also receive some fringe benefits (i.e. medical and pension).

    Your pay and benefits increase as you gain expertise. In general, you get a pay raise roughly every 1,000 hours you work. Once you complete your apprenticeship, you immediately receive 100 percent of the journey-level wages and benefits.

    At our training centers, apprentices receive basic skill and safety certifications. They also learn dozens of additional skill blocks customized for their trade. During their third year, selected apprentices spend time at the United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ International Training Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    The best part? Not only do you get paid while you learn, but all your training is FREE. (If there is an occasional class or book fee, you may be reimbursed).

    The Regional Council and its training centers participate in several programs that recruit from communities which traditionally are underrepresented in the union construction trades. We encourage women and people of all backgrounds to join us.

    Career Connections

    While some schools already have great Industrial Technology programs, others are looking to update their programs or even install new ones into their schools. The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America offers curriculum for students in grades 9-12 that can work in conjunction with any of these scenarios.

    The Career Connections program not only teaches important hands-on skills for all students, but it also gives those students who aren’t college-bound another avenue for success after graduation. The Career Connections program has six different books available, as well as the option to custom build a book to fit a school’s individual needs.

    The books include One Trade Many Careers, Math for the Trades, Project Book 1, Project Book 2, Project Book 3 Residential Construction and Project Book 3 Commercial Construction, Introduction to Millwrighting, and Oxyfuel Cutting and Shielded Metal Arc Welding. The books are very well organized and designed for modern learning styles, come with great teaching tools and materials, and includes CDs with videos and test creating software.

    Equally important is that the use of Career Connections comes with the potential for articulation agreements, meaning students can earn credits toward our apprenticeship program while still in high school. After completing each book, students receive a certificate of completion showing the credit they’ve earned. This gives them a great head start in practical knowledge and income potential upon graduation from your school.

    Availability for Classroom Presentations

    Local Business Agents and Outreach Specialists can come into the classroom and do presentations on what we as a training institute have to offer.


    Availability for On-site Tours

    We offer on-site tours, come visit the training facility and see first hand how the learning takes place. It’s an opportunity to observe and ask questions and see the environment we have to offer.

    Journey-Level Skill Advancement Program


    The Journey-Level Skill Advancement Program provides our Journey-Level Carpenters, Millwrights, Floor Coverers, Interior Systems and Pile Drivers with ongoing training opportunities to develop and enhance their skills. Members of Carpenters Union crafts are well-known throughout the construction industry for their high-quality workmanship and productivity. Skill advancement classes provide our members a way to hone their existing skills, develop new skills, and adapt to rapidly changing construction technology and workplace requirements.


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