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    Sargento Human Resources Manager

    Sargento Foods Inc. is a family-owned company, comprised of four business divisions: Consumer Products, Food Service, Culinary Solutions and Food Ingredients. We deliver the highest quality, cutting edge cheese products. We are passionately committed to being recognized as the cheese industry leader and as cheese and cheese snack innovators. Yet, we never lose sight of what is most important in our employee’s lives: balancing careers, family and personal lives without sacrificing one over the other. To learn more about Sargento Foods Inc. check out our website at:

    Traits exhibited by our top employees include: •Flexible •Team player •Understands the importance of following procedures •Possesses a mechanical aptitude •Able to communicate clearly •Engaging and self-motivated •Possesses excellent critical thinking skills and can think strategically •Good at problem solving •Inqusitive by nature •Responsible and trustworthy •Works safely and understands the importance of safety •Pays attention to detail •Solid computer skills •Works with a sense of urgency, focus and purpose •Continually improves listening skills •Able to use constructive criticism to improve To see what we are currently hiring for check out our career center: