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    Songs For Your Spirit, LLC

    Songs For Your Spirit, LLC is life coaching for your powerful, impactful and unique life journey! Through one-on-one coaching and mentoring, interactive workshops, speaking and singing engagements, Jeanne brings possibility, vision, positive energy and creativity to invite you into your most expansive life expression. Read more about the products and services available at As an Inward Journey Life Coach, Jeanne infuses everything she does with her passion for life. For over thirty years, she has journeyed through addiction and recovery and expressed herself creatively as composer, musician, author, poet and performer. Through it all, she has expanded spiritually and embraced a way of being that empowers and grounds her in each moment. Intentional about health and wellness, Jeanne has discovered yoga as a means to bring physical wellness together with spiritual depth, while enjoying racquetball, volleyball and hiking as pure play. Believe it or not, the overlay to all of this is a 30 year career in information technology as programmer/analyst/manager at Lawrence University. This breadth of experience and the resulting strength, courage and desire for more are evident in who Jeanne is and all she does.