Photo of UA Local 400 Pipe Trades
    UA Local 400 Pipe Trades

    Local 400 Pipe Trades

    Journeyman Steam Fitters, Journeyman Plumbers, Pipe Fabricators, H.V.A.C. Technicians.

    Training Plan Outline : Getting into your Future.

    There are two groups of entry-level workers that are the primary focus for this new training program: 

             Post high school full-time entry-level workers

             Current high school part-time entry-level workers

    This Training Plan consists of a 15 month training program that, if completed, is designed to develop the core skills necessary to be productive and succeed in the workplace.

    A core aspect of the program is that all participants must secure employment at a local 400 signatory contractors. There are several benefits to this approach:

         Participating students gain far greater skills through a combination of on-the-job experiences and classroom education.

         Signatory contractors gain insight into the quality and reliability of the participants, making this a low risk highly attractive method for recruitment and employment.

         Since participating students are designated as a Metal Trades Apprentice, they become union members and are exposed to the wide range of membership benefits, which increases the likelihood of long term union membership. Participants will have a 30 day delayed union membership. Advantages of this approach are:

    o       It allows participants to verify that this career path is right for them prior to committing to union membership. We also believe that this approach reduces possible concerns from parents about making a long-term commitment at an early stage. It allows signatory contractors to assess a participant’s skills and dedication prior to making significant investments in their training. Ultimately, getting paid to lean a skilled trade while gaining crucial education along the way that could lead to many career options in the Industrial Pipe Trades.