Pipefitter/Welder -

Pipefitter and Welder are actually two separate careers, though some welders may be pipefitters and vice versa. Pipefitters specialize in threading and joining pipes designed to carry water, other liquids, and gases.  Welders use flame cutting equiment to fuse metal parts together or fill holes and indentations. Both can be found working on construction projects and for manufacturers.  

Student Expectations

  • Dress according to the standards of the particular site;
  • Call the site before the scheduled time if unable to attend on the appointed day;
  • Arrive at the site at the agreed upon time;
  • Follow all guidelines and policies of the site;
  • Complete any school assignments related to the job shadowing experience;
  • Complete all required paperwork (permission, medical authorizations, etc.).
I have read and understand the terms of this opportunity.